About Us


PROJECT SRISHTIPATH Kendra is a social hub centre where we have planned to provide health facilities (including traditional Indian medicine), educational facilities (including adult and digital education), trading and marketing of rural products, skill development for rural youth, employment, information and communication facilities, clean water, food security, legal Aid, orphan and old age home, village tourism, environment conservation (including the revival of water bodies) etc., under one roof.

The Srishtipath Kendra is an initiative of the Humanity Welfare Council for ground development of the backward areas of India. We have chosen the Bundelkhand region as our first phase on this path. After the Bundelkhand region, we will be moving to the nation's other backward, rural areas.

Single Srishtipath Kendra will provide benefits to 1,00,000 villagers . Our team has done intensive research on such areas. We have concluded that these facilities are their basic requirements and the development of such sites is not possible unless these facilities are provided to them at low cost .


Srishtipath Kendra will deliver health services through a fully functional clinic where a path lab for the clinical test will be provided. A 24/7 ambulance will be available, and the treatment will be done through traditional and modern medical methods. The conventional medical methods include ancient Indian therapies like Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy etc.

Sanitation and Hygiene

In this aspect, we will focus on clean drinking water, waste management, garbage collection and wastewater treatment. We also provide guidance for reducing health risk environment-related hygiene.


We will be opening a digital education centre to provide digital education to ordinary people, adult education, and moral education. We will also conduct awareness programs on health, moral values, sanitation and hygiene, environment conservation, social issues.

Skill Development

To curb unemployment and urban migration, we will provide a training centre where we will train local people in various fields and global market strategies and government policies to get the actual price of their produce.


Our own Srishtipath Kendra will provide a lot of job opportunities to many people. We will train local people in their respective fields and employ them at our various centres. Through digital centres at Srishti Path Kendra, we will also help them access the global market to find better career options. As we train them, we will try to find freelancing job options in the worldwide market.

Food Security

The majority of the backward areas of our nation have a significant problem of malnutrition. We are in the process of developing community kitchens where we will focus on providing nutritious food at affordable prices.

Legal Aid

At our centres, we will educate ordinary people about their legal rights and how they can protect themselves from legal problems. We will also bridge the gap between ordinary people and legal services to avail justice to people.

Information and Communication Center

We will provide information on various government policies related to rural development.

Orphan and Old Age Homes

We provide these facilities as the old people get a roof and orphans a home. At these centres, orphans will get their parents' love in the form of old people, and these old people will get children in the form of orphans.

Village Tourism

Srishtipath Kendra will be developed as a tourist attraction to showcase our rich rural heritage and culture.